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I’m Sheena Artrip. I’m a software developer and Linux system administrator. My primary talents include picking up new knowledge, languages, codebases, and general technology with ease. This way, I can be sure to solve problems using the best tools for the job. Being a self taught programmer and linux system administrator, I have a self-starting attitude that allows me to easily pick up on new techniques and discoveries in the quickly evolving field of software development. I have been programming personally since 2004 and professionally since 2007.

Technical Skills

My technical experiences are primarily within dynamic web and database driven development. This includes managing existing web applications written in Golang, PHP, and Java, as well as building the different tiers of web applications in Golang, Ruby, and Java. I also have experience working with continuous integration and the various related project and build management tools.

Operating Systems:

Server Software:

Development Software and Tools:

Employment History

July 2017-Current


April 2015-July 2017:

Wrote golang for docker/coreos based platforms, centered on VOIP technologies.

May 2013-May 2015: Software Development and DevOps

Worked on a Java and Groovy based web and integration team that provides a platform for small and bid-sized banks and credit unions. Tasks include bugfixing and creating web ui, webservice integration, and automated testing solutions.

Jan 2013-May 2013: Software Development for a mobile application development company

Developing rails based web applications and REST APIs for a mobile application development company.

Building and managing Linux servers hosting custom Rails3 software.

July 2012-2013: Software Development for a VOIP provider

Developing ecommerce and customer portal solutions using Ruby and Python.

Developing backend integration components using Java, Scala, Ruby, and Python, and RabbitMQ.

Working with and modifying: OpenStack, Kamailio, FreeRadius, CDRTool.

Summer 2011: Game Development in C++

Working on graphical GUI components with a team using SFML, Gwen, and OpenGL.

2007-June 2012: Software Development and Operations Support

Software Engineer for the Georgia Administrative Office Of The Courts.

Programming tasks include writing every layer of web-based software systems, including database integration to web interface and web services in Java and Python. Specific libraries include the java libraries JSF, Spring, Wicket, JPA (Hibernate), Apache CXF, JUnit, log4j, Maven2. Python libraries include lxml, django, mysqldb.

Non programming tasks include managing linux servers and desktops, managing and setting up databases in couchdb and mysql, analyzing business client specifications and requests, responding to server and desktop support issues and interviewing/training developers about the business and technical aspects of their positions.

2007-2011: Member of an OASIS Technical Committee and Technical Subcommittee.

Tasks of the Technical Committee included implementing and understanding written OASIS technical specifications to provide input on existing and work-in-progress specifications.

Tasks of the Technical Subcommittee included working on a team to write an XML specification for Judicial Document storage and transmission.

Spring 2011: Research Assistant at the Georgia State University Computer Science department.

Researching and bugfixing sensorweb software using TinyOS, python, and scala.


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