28 Jun 2016, 02:53

Notable Projects

This is a landing page of notable projects I am currently working on, excluding non-Open Source paid work.


Game Development

go-gamekit is a utility library for writing games and multimedia applications in Golang. go-obj is an Wavefront OBJ file format implementation in Golang, with a go-gamekit based renderer coming!

Code Generation

rxgen is the code generator for wrapping simple and complex types in pub/sub style Reactive structures. This is used heavily in my game development work.

genrouter and gencontext are tools for generating Golang routing code and x/net/context loading and reading boilerplate. These two tools have gone unused, however the techniques have been written by hand in other projects.


go-clamscan is a simple library wrapping the invocation of the clamscan binary from clamav. Clamscan can be run as a long running process waiting on stdin for filenames or it can be run once to read a single file.

quicklog is a log aggregation platform built in Go. General proof of concept is done, but it is waiting to be used and tested on real log aggregation data.

go-xco is a library for building XMPP/Jabber components (XEP-0114) in Golang. This was developed for a paid project and being actively used!


I’ve been using NixOS as a primary development and personal server starting in early 2016. I’ve submitted 31 pull requests including 5 new packages (xflux-gui, mednaffe, libcollectdclient, freeradius, and sipsak). I’m enjoying the collaborative spirit and the ability to come in and contribute.

I’ve got a list of “NixOS Recipes” to write, two of which are complete. See here for the list of completed).